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Letter of Appreciation
Engineering the future

Keeping HMAS Hobart Running

In May 2021, RMS was approached by Penske Australia, on behalf of the Royal Australian Navy, to rectify a crankshaft from the guided missile destroyer HMAS Hobart. This was both an urgent job and a task that many thought simply could not be achieved.

Penske committed to the assignment, knowing its long-time partnership with RMS would ensure it could deliver on its promise. Whilst it was believed a more locally based outfit would need to be used to minimise the impact on scheduling, Penske knew the best and only option was to send this critical work to RMS’ West Australian premises.

R. Moore & Sons

Delivering Success

RMS rose to the task, as usual, delivering the crankshaft on time and with the highest quality workmanship.

Penske and its clients were impressed, praising our dedication, professionalism and industry-leading technical knowledge, as well as expressing their gratitude to and admiration of our team.

Returning the engine to full operational status allowed HMAS Hobart to execute her role in a regional deployment with significant strategic implications for Australia without compromise.

Mission accomplished.

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